Nabrawind Technologies S.L.

NABRAWIND SL (NBW) was founded in Navarre (Spain) in Jan 2014 for the design & development of a new generation of highly efficient wind power generators. The entrepreneurial team has a very long experience in technology development in general, particularly wind technology:

Odilon Camargo (Lages, Brazil, 1953). Aeronautical Engineer, he started his career performing the aerodynamic design of wind turbine rotor blades of the first commercial wind turbines in the German market. Co-founder of CAMARGO SCHUBERT Wind Engineering (, his company has produced the wind atlases of Brazil and most of its regional states, as well as providing consultancy for more than 50% of the wind farm projects in Brazil.

Hely Ricardo Savio (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1953). Aeronautical Engineer (PhD), he has worked for the main aircraft manufacturers in Brazil (Embraer), France (Airbus) and Spain (Airbus, GDA). He was Blades Engineering Manager in Gamesa. Apart from that, Ricardo Savio founded several engineering companies. One of them, JADE Systems, was bought by Tecsis, the main blade manufacturer in Brazil.

Eneko Sanz (Pamplona, Spain, 1976). Industrial Engineer, he has worked in the wind industry since 1999 in Gamesa. Along the past 17 years Eneko has leaded several projects for blades and tools development. He was the Project Manager of Innoblade (modular blade technology of Gamesa), which required a lot of innovations and 18 patents were granted. He is the inventor of more than 30 patents about wind energy.

Iñaki Alti (Bilbao, Spain, 1963). Aeronautical Engineer, he is an expert in Industrial Property and has worked in both patents agencies and private industries, having a deep expertise in both sides needs and requirements. During his period in Gamesa, he created an Intellectual Property department and managed a new IP portfolio of more than 400 patents.

Nabrawind S.L. cofounders: Eneko Sanz, Odilon Camargo, Hely Ricardo Savio and Iñaki Alti