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Highest wind turbine in Africa

This Nabralift tower (standing upon a 3.6MW-120 wind turbine) will be the highest wind turbine of Africa with 142 meter of hub height.

Significant CO2 emissions

This Nabralift tower reduces by 70% the CO2 footprint during its installation. Furthermore, thanks to the extra height coming from Nabralift, it will produce 2.500 MW/h extra annually, reducing the use of coal (main energy in the Morocco) and saving 2.500 tons of CO2 per year. The tower will also produce extra electricity for 2.500 people in Morocco.

Efficient tower components

Secondly, Nabralift is lighter than other towers capable of reaching this kind of heights, therefore the amount of steel needed is significantly reduced, and, unlike the hybrid towers, it doesn’t incorporate any concrete in its structure.

Innovative Pile Foundation

The environmental advantages of the Nabralift tower recently installed in Morocco comes, firstly, from an innovative and efficient pile foundation that only required 80 m3 of concrete and 10 tons of steel, instead of 500 m3 of concrete and 60 tons of steel that a standard foundation would have needed.

Installation Highlights Pictures

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