Nabrawind Technologies S.L. (NBTECH) was founded with the clear aim of developing advanced products to achieve a drastic reduction in energy costs. Therefore, the object of the company is the design and development of advanced wind technologies for wind turbine components as well as engineering services advisory.

Following this, our mission is to focus into high added value technologies by disruptive innovations in three strategic drivers:

  • Drastic cost of energy reductions which increase the wind energy competitiveness.
  • Solution to the logistic barriers by means of modularity which allows the wind turbine componentsgrowth.
  • Use of proven technologies which facilitates the robust manufacturing and assembly over the world.

All in all, our long term vision is to become in one of the advanced wind technology leaders in the world, taking into account that the way is to differentiate from other competitors by pioneer technologies.In order to do so, NBTECH is aware of the influence our company might exercise not only to our environment, but also to the people that works for or with NBTECH. This awareness has led us to develop the highest standards regarding our involvement with the environment surrounding us.Deeply involved in this matter, we hereby expose our commitment with providing and promoting a safe and healthy working environment, preserving the environment and guarantying our customers the highest quality standards. We also assure following and fulfilling all legal aspects our customers demand, regarding healthy working environment, environment policy and quality policy.

We will accomplish these goals as it follows:

Healthy working environment:

  • Preventing injury and work-related illness through management commitment.
  • Compromising to our team that they will be an active part in the Security System Plan.
  • Giving the utmost priority to safeness when developing and executing of our operations.
  • Analysing fortresses and weaknesses and assuring continuous development through appropriate levels of managers and employees training.
  • Promoting positive behaviours and support an internal culture where employees feel their ideas are taken in account and properly rewarded.
  • Committing to periodically inform and instruct NBTECH team.


Environment Policy:

  • Bearing always in mind our responsibility as a renewable energy company.
  • Foreseeing with special care whichever side effect our solutions might take on the environment and, in consequence, reducing the impact at its minimum.
  • Rejecting projects which turn out to be non-eco-friendly.• Passing on our environment responsibility to our suppliers and customers.
  • Procuring a green office space, reducing the use of plastics, avoiding unnecessary printing and being particularly sensitive with recycling.


Excelling quality

  • Assuring the best quality material from our providers, pursuing the highest standards across the value chain.
  • Following certified and successful processes, specifications and procedures in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Implementing extremely rigorous preventing systems.
  • Enforcing an integral communication plan, both internal and external.• Ensuring adequate resources will be allocated.


NBTECH is committed to periodically revise and update this Quality Policy, as well as make it public to all the people involved who work in this company.

In witness thereof, this document is revised and approved by the Company Management the 6th of March of 2019.

Eneko Sanz Pascual, CEO of NBTECH