FEBRUARY 5, 2018

Breaking the logistic barriers in XXL blades industy

MODULAR BLADES MARKET The growth of the wind market, together with the low availability of sites with optimal wind conditions, is creating a rapid increase in the size of turbines and therefore the...

JANUARY 30, 2018

WTG dynamics in soft & stiff towers beyond 160m hub height

The latest generation of wind turbines announced by the leading OEMs will shift wind turbines to rotor diameters of 150m and blade tip heights above 240m. As a consequence of this, the transport and...

JANUARY 23, 2018

Nabrawind Technologies: a solution for wind turbing scaling

Nabrawind Technologies was founded in 2015 by veterans of the renewable industry with decades of experience in development of innovative technologies. The team currently consists of 20 engineers, who...